Shorty’s Rule the Great Lakes!


“Hopkins Shortys are deadly for walleyes on the Great Lakes that are relating to structure such as rock humps, sand dunes, and gravel beds. I like to use a gold shorty with overcast skies or dirty water. On bright sunny days and clear water I use silver. I match the size of the lure to water depth, in most situations a 1/2 oz will work in waters up to twenty feet deep. The Hopkins Shorty is so versatile that it can be vertical jigged, casted and retrieved, trolled, or my favorite technique is to cast it out and snap jig it back to you. Cast it out and let it fall to the bottom, when it contacts bottom snap it violently up with the rod tip, then let it fall on a slack line, and then repeat. Walleyes will hit it on the fall.”
– Ed Clements, Professional Angler, Maximus Sportfishing, Bay City, MI

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