Another outstanding lure. Good success when bounced slowly across the bottom beyond and into the surf line or through sloughs for puppy drum and flounder.


Best jigging spoon I have ever used. When used slow, fast, in cold or warm water, for bass, walley, and drum. If used properly it beats everything else on the market.


I have used Hopkins spoons for over 50 years. They are consistently wonderful for bluefish from beach or boat. I highly recommend them.

Bluefishfreak1, Lansdale, PA

Great product. Seemed to be one of the few lures Striped Bass were hitting from the surf this year. WHile fishing North of the Golden Gate. Solidly built, will stand up to tough saltwater conditions. Would buy again

Waterbomb, Livermoore, CA

This is my go-to Florida surf fishing lure for bluefish, Spanish mackerel, crevalle jacks and more. It can be fished from top to bottom with any retrieve you can imagine from fast and straight on the surface to a slow drag on the sand. Let it flutter down on a semi-slack line and rip it off the bottom. Repeat. Experiment! I swap the treble for a single hook for ease of unhooking and less damage to fish that will be released, and strongly advise a short 30 or 40 pound test monofilament or fluoro bite leader.

Tackle Junkie, Southwest MI

These lures are incredible for jigging for bottom and reef fish....so much so, that I use them in a traditional commercial dory fishery. If you use them in reef/structure areas, where they are most effective, you WILL snag the bottom frequently. To prevent loss of expensive lures, remove the treble hook, and put a short leader of slightly lighter line than your mainline. to this leader, attach a simple bronze single hook. When you snag, you can either break that leader and only lose the hook, or straighten the hook and save the gear.

Commercial dory fisherman, Big Sur, California

This jigging spoon has proven to me that it will take not only most kinds of fish but aslo very big fish when fished properly. I will never load my boat without my box of Hopkins jigging spoons!

Perchman49, Virginia Beach, VA

Every tackle box should have this product in various sizes! It has saved the day more than once for me and you can catch ANTHING on it!

ArkLaTexMan, Texarkana, AR

Everybody should have 3/4 oz spoons in silver....at least for winter deep vertical jigging or as an option to plunder a shad ball.

Acm4bass, Atwater,CA

Great jigging spoon

EGFish, Wauneta NE