You might add Great Lakes Pink Salmon to your species list. I used a c 1960 #2 NO=EQL in the St. Mary's River and limited out every time I used it.

David N. Hart

Thanks for the explanation - These lures out fished at least 15 other local bait shop lures 6 times in a row! I ordered more because I ran out. Casting in breaking fish in the Chesapeake Bay there are none better to my knowledge. Amazing! We tried some look-a-like ones we found @ Bass Pro - not even close - when casted side by side to the Hopkins - your lure was the unmistakable winner - catching on nearly every cast - thanks again.

Bill James, Arlington, VA

"i nicknamed this lure brand (hopkins, the boxer). i use this in the jetty at the indian river inlet in delaware. the weight allows me to get the distance i need, and the bluefish love it. dont get me wrong, i believe you get what you pay for. this is an expensive lure to donate to a stop that has a lot of hidden snags."

Mike, New Castle, DE

"i first heard of these from bass pro walleye pros Gary and Keith and man does it work. i catch tons of walleyes and pike with these"

liv2phish, Green Bay, WI

"this spoon is very good for surf fishing. you can cast it a mile. ive caught numerous spanish, bluefish, speckled trout and even seen a few rockfish caught with it. hopkins spoons are money."


"You can't beat these hopkins spoons! they catch everything! Ive caught everything on these spoons. Fluke jigging it off the bottom, blues and stripers casting and jigging them, bonito, false albies, and schoolie bluefin trolling and jigging them! Not having a handful of these in your arsenal is a crime!"

NJAngler26, Lavalette, NJ

"this is exllent for blue fish and stripers. i love this bait"

Justin, NJ

"This is the best spoon on the market any style catches any fish from blues, spanish, drum, sharks, anything. Any style works I like the plain, green tube, and bucktail versions."

OBXMan, Corolla, NC

"I bought this Lure and some others like it. But this one proved to be my best one cause i have caught alot of bluefish and even some stripers on this lure. The best was i had used this to surf cast in the ocean and caught a nice 18inch bluefish.!!!! i would definetly reccomend this"

Jason55, Long Island, NY

Without a doubt the best jigging spoon I have ever used. They work very well on almost any kind of fish from White Perch to Bass. I will never be without one on at least one rod in my boat!

Perchman49, Virginia Beach, VA